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Make a Hollywood movie with friends in co-op dice game Roll Camera

From script to screen.

Script, shoot and edit the next Hollywood blockbuster - or cult classic - in upcoming filmmaking board game Roll Camera.

Roll Camera casts players as a film crew working together to turn out a hit movie in order to save a struggling production company. The players can take on different roles in the crew - including the film’s director, producer, cinematographer, editor and star - each with their own unique abilities.

Players must take their film from script to screen over the course of the 30 to 90-minute co-op game, starting out by pitching ideas in production meetings and putting together a script using ideas on double-ended cards.

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Once the movie enters production, the players shoot scenes by arranging pieces of the set and assigning their six-sided dice to spaces on the set or their player boards. The dice represent crew such as cameras, actors, visual effects and sound, and are used to complete specific shots and resolve the inevitable problems that pop up during filming, which take the form of cards.

As shots are completed, scenes go from storyboard to celluloid - by flipping over the respective cards - before going over to the editing room, filling each of five slots in the film strip at the side of the board. If the group is able to complete the five shots without running out of time or money, they successfully finish the film.

Completing the film is just one challenge. The players also need to make sure it finds an audience by reaching a certain level on the game’s quality track. Not everything has to be an award-winning masterpiece - the players can also claim victory by hitting the opposite end of the quality track, finding success with a so-bad-it’s-good cult classic.

Roll Camera is the second game designed by Malachi Ray Rempen, who is also the creator of travel comic Itchy Feet, which was adapted into a board game in 2017.

The game is currently live on Kickstarter, where it’s already passed its initial £12,000 goal and is now sitting close to £50,000 pledged at the time of writing. The campaign runs until August 10th, with the game - which is exclusive to Kickstarter - set to arrive with backers before next summer.

A digital version of Roll Camera can be played for free on Tabletop Simulator, with a print-and-play available to backers of the Kickstarter.

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