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Build your own mobile space empire in the digital version of Roll for the Galaxy

Pocket dimensions.

Carry entire galaxies in your pocket with the upcoming digital version of space empire building game Roll for the Galaxy.

Coming to iOS, Android and Steam, Roll for the Galaxy digital edition will allow players to compete with each other to create the most thriving intergalactic empire possible.

Adapted from the original Roll for the Galaxy, in which players roll and assign their dice to develop different aspects of their empire such as technology, exploration and trade, this digital version will include network multiplayer for two to five players as well as asynchronous (i.e. not happening at the same time) and real-time competitive modes.

Players will be able to choose from nine different factions at the start of the game, alongside nine unique starting worlds to grow their empires from. As the game progresses players will also gain access to sixty separate developments and settlements to pick from, with each choice gradually shaping their expanding space empires into something greater.

As with the digital version of Race for the Galaxy, Roll for the Galaxy’s predecessor, lone players will be able to test their mettle and luck against a challenging ‘advanced neural network AI’ opponent, which has once again been developed by Keldon Jones.

Originally published by Rio Grande Games and designed by both Wei-Hwa Huang, four time winner of the World Puzzle Championship, and Thomas lehmann, creator of Race for the Galaxy, this digital version will be released by Temple Gates Games next year.

You can currently sign up for the Roll for the Galaxy Beta on iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Steam right now.

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