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Build and test your own roller coasters in a new board game from Tiny Epic Galaxies’ creator

Rush to play this one.

A remake of Coaster Park is coming from the creator of Tiny Epic Galaxies, Scott Almes.

Roller Coaster Rush is an upcoming board game that enables players to build and test their own roller coasters. The new tabletop title is a remake of Coaster Park, a 2017 board game originally published by Pandasaurus Games – the studio behind Roller Coaster Rush – that features a similar concept in which players plan and ‘ride’ roller coasters. However, according to various reviews of the board game on BoardGameGeek several key components – such as the ramps players would send their riders, represented by marbles, down – do not work, making it near impossible to play.

Though Pandasaurus has not commented on whether Roller Coaster Rush is a direct response to the component issues found in Coaster Park, images of the remake look to contain ramps that are designed differently than those featured in Coaster Park: such as being made from plastic rather than cardboard. Other changes – beyond the look and components of the family board game – have not been specified by the publisher.

An image of the components for Roller Coaster Rush.

In the dexterity board game for two to four players, the opponents attempt to build the best roller coasters possible by combining different pieces of track. At the beginning of the game, players compete against each other to acquire the pieces of track they want for their roller coaster by bidding on them. Players will be looking to build the most exciting roller coaster possible by combining varied pieces of track together, ensuring that riders are taken on as many twists, turns, hills and slopes as they can stomach.

Once players have bid on the track cards they want, they then build their tracks by laying out the order they want their pieces to go in: being sure to maximise speed and movement. Players then physically build their coaster designs using the pieces of track, before sending their riders – who are represented by marbles – down them to see how well their designs function. For an even greater challenge, players can use showstopper cards to test their track-building abilities.

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Besides Roller Coaster Rush and Tiny Epic Galaxies, as well as the original Coaster Park, Almes has also created other entries in the Tiny Epic series – such as Tiny Epic Quest and Tiny Epic Kingdoms – and the solo board game Warp’s Edge.

Apart from Roller Coast Rush and Coaster Park, Pandasaurus has released titles such as Machi Koro, Dinosaur Island and The Loop.

Roller Coaster Rush is set to be released on April 16th for a retail price of $40 (£33).

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