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Magic Maze studio’s next release is three-on-one real-time dice game Rush Out!

Dungeon dash.

Escape the clutches of dragons and monsters or harness powerful magical spells in Rush Out!, an upcoming board game from the studio behind Magic Maze, Sit Down!

Despite making it to the very last level of the dungeon, a group of adventurers have made the grave error of awakening the furious sorcerer who lurks within. In Rush Out! players are split between two opposing teams: either the adventuring party or the dreaded sorcerer attempting to capture them. (Thanks, BoardGameGeek.)

Whilst the trespassers are made up of a team of up to three players, the sorcerer is controlled by only one person. As such, Rush Out! gives the sorcerer an arsenal of spells to help them compete against the larger team - whereas the adventurers will have to hope that their teammates will give them enough of an edge over the sorcerer.

Rush Out board game layout

Rush Out! sees all players simultaneously rolling their dice in real time - with the sorcerer having five dice and the adventurers getting three each - in an attempt to meet the requirements of various cards. While the sorcerer’s cards unlock powerful spells to manipulate the opposing team, the adventurers’ cards are part of a deck they must complete in order to win the game. Only two adventurers can work on the same card at a time and must only place one of their dice on each card.

The sorcerer’s collection of spells includes cards that remove dice from the adventurers’ cards, cards that prevent the other team from using certain symbols - unless the spell is broken - and cards that damage selected players.

No dungeon is complete without a dragon, and the one in Rush Out! just happens to be under the control of the sorcerer. The player embodying the sorcerer can play spells that move the dragon onto the other team’s cards, thus stopping them from completing that card. Should the dragon move along enough cards to reach the adventurers’ deck, the opposing team loses and the sorcerer wins.

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The designer behind Rush Out! is Thomas Dupont, the creator of civilisation-building board game Dunaïa: The Prophecy and this year’s Codex Naturalis, a card game in which players must collect enough resources to be able to play prestige cards and score points.

Aside from releasing Magic Maze and Rush Out!, Sit Down! has created the epic abstract strategy game Ekö, quick board game Sushi Dice and last year’s real-time set-collecting card game House Flippers. Rush Out! is set to be released in Spring 2021 at a retail price of €30 (£27).

Update: Sit Down! has since confirmed to Dicebreaker that Rush Out! will be released in Spring 2021, not later this year as previously reported by BoardGameGeek.

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