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Santorini: New York swaps domes for skyscrapers in turn-of-the-century Manhattan

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Build skyscrapers to impressive heights in Santorini: New York, a follow-up to the acclaimed strategy game.

Santorini: New York is a beginner board game for two to five players in which everyone competes to build the tallest skyscrapers and grandest constructions the city has ever seen.

The start of the 20th century was a pivotal time for New York and its people, with amazing new architecture popping up everywhere. Players find themselves in the middle of this exciting change as they direct their assign builders to different parts of Manhattan in an effort to out-build their opponents.

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Each turn players decide where to move their two workers and build the next level of a scraper, with the aim being to gradually ascend to every newly-constructed level until they reach the highest possible peak. Role cards determine which player goes first - once a role card is used it’s discarded for the rest of the round, meaning that players will need to think carefully about when to play what cards.

Should a player successfully reach the third level of a building with their worker and the Statue of Liberty sculpture in their possession, they win.

The upcoming game is the next entry in the Santorini series, with the original having players assume the roles of Greek gods attempting to spread their influence across the island of Santorini. As players laid down the various abstract blocks that represent buildings, they could move one of their worshippers to a higher level, as well as blocking their opponent by placing one of the island’s iconic blue domes. Whichever player got one of their followers to the top of a temple won the game.

Santorini New York board game layout

After a limited self-release by designer Gordon Hamilton, Santorini was given a wider release by publisher Roxley - the company responsible behind the Brass games - and Spin Master Games in 2016, with the addition of more identifiable 3D pieces that looked like buildings and variable powers for each of the Greek gods.

As well as introducing new role cards and the need to possess the Statue of Liberty, Santorini: New York, also designed by Hamilton, increases the original’s player count from four to five.

According to a listing on BoardGameGeek, the release date for Santorini: New York is currently set for sometime later this year.

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