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Set a Watch publisher reveals pirate board game, Seas of Havoc

In for infamy.

Battle rival pirates for treasure and renown in Seas of Havoc, the next board game from the studio behind Set a Watch, Rock Manor Games.

Taking place during the height of piracy, Seas of Havoc is an upcoming board game that pits players against each other as captains of their own pirate ships. Throughout the game, each player moves their own ship meeple across a grid board encountering and doing battle with other ships along the way. Players will have a unique ability depending upon whichever pirate captain card they take at the beginning of the game.

During the high-seas phase of Seas of Havoc, players can lay down cards from their hands in order to move their ship. Whenever a player’s ship lines-up to another ship, that player can choose to open fire on the opposing ship in an attempt to sink them. Hitting the front or back of a ship will do more damage to the vessel than firing on the side. Otherwise, players can search for shipwrecks to plunder, all whilst being sure to avoid the various obstacles that may pop up on the board.

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The second phase of Seas of Havoc is called the island phase and has the players boarding their skiffs to sail out to the many small landmasses dotted across the ocean. In this phase, players can assign their workers to acquire useful resources, as well as add to and improve the decks they use to move their ship. Additionally, should a player’s ship ever be damaged by another captain, they will be able to repair and even upgrade it during this phase, thereby increasing their chances of victory. During the game, players can acquire multi-use cards that offer bonuses to be applied whenever they find themselves in combat.

Whoever collects the most victory points by the end of Seas of Havoc is named the winner.

Seas of Havoc was co-created by Sébastien Bernier-Wong and Peter Gorniak, with this being the debut design from both creators.

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Apart from Seas of Havoc and Set a Watch, Rock Manor Games is also responsible for releasing the fantasy board game Alderquest - a game that sees animal heroes fighting against each other - a deckbuilding board game about building a steampunk corporation called Brass Empire and the two-player card game set in a court-room, Lawyer Up.

The Kickstarter campaign for Seas of Havoc is set to launch next month, with details on pledge amounts and estimated delivery dates yet to be confirmed.

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