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Secret Hitler - Communist expansion created for social deduction game by fans

Playing with the proletariat.

An expansion for the social deduction game Secret Hitler, which features a communist team, has been created by a group of fans.

Called Secret Hitler XL, the expansion was created and shared by Reddit user Lord_Roguy, with artwork from u/muuhaman, rules-creation from u/penguineWithAFez - who made the communists and anarchist - and Leo Carlton, the designer of the capitalist and monarchist roles. According to Lord_Roguy, the expansion for the party board game is intended to provide players with more roles to introduce into their playthroughs, thereby supporting a higher player-count than the original 10 people and extending the playtime.

Secret Hitler XL artwork card

Secret Hitler XL supports up to 20 players and introduces an entirely new team to the game - the communists - as well as several additional roles and rules intended to increase playtime. The communists are a party that’s based on the socialist party that was featured in another fan-made expansion created by Reddit users u/mrkvicka and u/havosh called Secret Hitler Socialist Expansion. The number of communists featured in a game of Secret Hitler will depend on the player-count, but it will roughly mirror the number of fascists included in the standard game.

If there are more than 11 players then the communists will begin the game knowing who their fellow party members are and have their own communist policies to pass through parliament. The communists win if they manage to fill their policy tracker with communist policies or if the secret hitler is assassinated. The powers that the communists win through passing their policies include the president revealing their identity to everyone, the communists being able to look at another player’s party card and switching a communist party membership card with another player to make them into a communist.

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The additional roles included in Secret Hitler XL include the capitalist, who is played alongside the communist party and only wins as long as the communists do not win or another extra role, the anarchist, doesn’t win. The anarchist role can be played with or without the communist party. An anarchist without the communist party in play only wins if they manage to get an anarchist policy passed by having it be drawn at random. With the communist party in place, the anarchist will win if the communists win and two of the policies on the tracker are anarchist or if the secret hitler is assassinated. Finally, the monarchist - who is part of the facist party - wins as long as the fascists win but the secret hitler does not become chancellor after three facist policies have been enacted.

Secret Hitler is a social deduction game that has players splitting into two opposing teams and attempting to get as many of their policies through parliament as possible. Whilst all the fascists know who each other are, the liberals do not and must try to choose trustworthy people to vote on policies to avoid accidentally passing facist policies. Each time the fascists manage to pass a policy, they’ll gain a power to aid them along. However, should the liberals successfully identify which player is the secret hitler, then they can assassinate them and win the game.

Secret Hitler XL is available to download for free online right now.

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