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Secret Squad is a party game mixture of Spyfall and 20 Questions from Sushi Go! studio

Clues in colour.

Ask questions to figure out friends from foes in Secret Squad, a social deduction game from Sushi Go! maker Gamewright.

A party board game for three to ten players, Secret Squad splits participants into two opposing teams - the yellow side and the red side - and challenges players to find out who is on their side by the game’s end. Players will be able to provide various hints as to which team they’re loyal to by answering a series of questions with a response that corresponds to their side’s colour.

The game begins with players selecting between the available character tokens, before receiving a squad card informing them whether they’ll be on the red or yellow team - which they must keep secret. Across the course of three rounds, players take turns to draw question cards, which players then all simultaneously answer using their chosen character token.

Secret Squad board game layout

The question card will show two separate questions - one for the red side and one for the yellow side - with players secretly answering their team’s question. Much like 20 Questions, players can give either a “yup” or “nope” answer by placing one of their tokens on the appropriate side of the question card. After two more question cards are answered, in a similar fashion to party game Spyfall players then use their fellow players’ answers to devise whether they are on their squad or not. Once everyone has their answer, players then simultaneously point to whichever player they’re most confident is on their squad.

Players then reveal which side they were really on by showing their squad card. Points are awarded to those players who successfully picked a member of their squad, with those players taking three question cards and putting them in their stack - with each card counting as a single point. After three rounds of the game have been completed, Secret Squad ends and the player with the most points is named the winner.

Secret Squad was co-designed by Arno Steinwender - co-creator of last year’s adventure game Cloud Age and trivia board game - and Markus Slawitscheck, who have both previously worked together on the drawing party game Starlink.

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Apart from Sushi Go! and Secret Squad, Gamewright is known for publishing co-op titles Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Sky, as well as roll-and-write game Qwixx.

Secret Squad is available right now at a retail price of $9.99 (£7.15) from the Gamewright website.

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