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Sentai & Sensibility is an RPG mash-up of Jane Austen and Power Rangers

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Artwork for Sentai & Sensibility RPG.
Image credit: 9th Level

A new tabletop roleplaying game is a mash-up of the novels of Jane Austen and the classic tokusatsu television series Power Rangers.

Sentai & Sensibility is an upcoming TRPG that combines elements of British period dramas set in the Regency era with beloved Japanese childrens’ Sunday morning TV. Taking inspiration from the likes of Pride & Prejudice and Bridgerton, alongside Power Rangers and Kaiju movies such as Godzilla, Sentai & Sensibility sees players balancing their socialite lifestyle with their duties as a transforming sentai hero.

In the tabletop RPG, players will be indulging in well known regency activities like promenading - or walking around in fancy clothing - social dancing and civilised partying, whilst keeping an eye for any dangerous people or creatures. Should a kaiju or member of the villainous organisation known as The Syndicate appear, then the players will be forced to set aside their recreational activities in order to transform into the sentai versions of their characters and fight.

Artwork for Sentai & Sensibility RPG.
Image credit: 9th Level

Sentai & Sensibility uses the Polymorph gameplay system, which has players using different types of polyhedral dice in order to perform their actions. Each type of character found in the TRPG will have players rolling different kinds of polyhedral dice. For example, whilst the fast talking and quick thinking Premiere uses a d4 to perform their actions, the heavy-set and brave Dragoon wields a d10.

Actions in Sentai & Sensibility are separated into different categories, with every category of action requiring a certain range of numbers for them to be successful. For instance, rolling for honour requires players to roll a one, whereas a hero action will be successful on a four, six, eight or 10. This means that each type of character will be better equipped at certain actions - or even unable to perform some - depending on the kind of polyhedral die they use.

Sentai & Sensibility was written and designed by Bug Boll, with the art and design being created by Chris O’Neil, editing by Adriel Lee Wilson and illustrations from Victor Costa. Cultural consultation on the tabletop roleplaying game was completed by Jamie Noguchi.

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9th Level is the publisher responsible for releasing Sentai & Sensibility, with the company previously publishing the nonbinary tabletop roleplaying game Women & Werewolves - which received the Best Roleplaying Game at the Tabletop Awards 2023 - and the Return to Dark Tower tabletop RPG.

A crowdfunding campaign for Sentai & Sensibility is currently live on Kickstarter as part of the platform’s annual Zine Month event, with backers able to get a physical copy of the game for $15 (£12) in August. Alternatively, a digital-only version is available for $12 (£10). The campaign for Sentai & Sensibility will run until February 22nd.

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