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Save your fellow witches from suspicion in spellcasting board game Septima

Turn toil and trouble into support and acceptance.

Compete to become the next high witch, whilst protecting other witches from suspicion, in the upcoming board game, Septima.

A board game designed to support one to four players, Septima is themed around a community of witches in the fictional town of Noctenburg. Considering the terrible history of witchcraft being used as an excuse to persecute women – particularly during the Salem Witch Trials in the 15th century – Septima may have players competing to be the next high witch, but they’re nevertheless encouraged to help other witches they come across in the game find sanctuary from their pursuers.

Septima takes place over four seasons, with every season featuring five rounds for players to form and grow their own covens, as well as complete other actions such as brewing potions and performing rituals. Every round sees players simultaneously planning their actions, which will be triggered by playing particular cards from their hands.

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Players can choose to play alone or can temporarily team-up with another through a semi-co-op game system that enables players to plan and play together. Playing cards that have collaborative elements in the same turn will result in more powerful effects for both players. However, players will also have to be cautious of performing too many open displays of witchcraft for fear of being targeted by the locals.

Whenever too much suspicion does arise amongst the townsfolk, players can manipulate trials in favour of the witches, saving those women who find themselves the target of unwanted attention and welcoming them into their coven. Having new witches join their coven grants players new permanent abilities for them to use throughout the game. Players can even help exonerate accused witches from other players’ covens and have them join their coven instead.

One way players can avert suspicious eyes from the members of their coven is to turn themselves into an animal for several rounds. Depending on the player’s coven, they’ll have more difficulty performing a certain action whilst they’re in their shapeshifter form. Players can choose to stay as an animal for as long as they want, with suspicion gradually depleting as they do.

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Whichever player has the most wisdom points by the end of the game is named the winner.

If players ever want to experience Septima alone, it also comes with a solo game mode designed by David Turczi - who has created solo modes for other board games such as Anachrony, Kanban EV and Blitzkrieg - in which players play against the intimidating Black Widow.

Septima was designed by Robin Hegedűs, with game development from Viktor Peter and artwork by Barbara Bernát and Villő Farkas.

Mindclash Games is the company behind Septima, with its previous releases including the likes of the aforementioned Anachrony, alongside Trickerion – a board game about being 19th century magicians – and Perserverance: Castaway Chronicles, a series of games that has players going from a group of survivors to a powerful civilisation.

The Kickstarter campaign for Septima is live until July 1st, with a pledge of €75 (£65/$78) getting backers a copy of the game in May 2023.

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