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A Sherlock board game is on the way, 5 years after the final episode aired

Ready your mind-palace.

An upcoming board game based on the BBC Sherlock series is set to be released five years after its final episode aired.

Sherlock: Case Connection is a board game for two to four players that takes inspiration from the popular television series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. A competitive title featuring several puzzles, Case Connection has players attempting to outwit Sherlock’s smartest enemies by discovering clues and constructing correct theories. If players want to become the greatest detective of all time, they will have to use all their wits and deduction skills to put the pieces together and discover the truth.

Throughout the game, players will visit various locations from the series – such as Sherlock’s home at 221B Baker Street or the lab department where pathologist Molly Hooper works – in order to gather the clues they need to solve the crimes they encounter. Besides the location cards, players will also use cards featuring plot points from across the series to construct their hypothesis, finding the connections between the events to devise their verdict. All the players are working alongside master detective Sherlock Holmes, who shares the crimes he has discovered with them, but they may even have the opportunity to out-sleuth him if they are able to collect all the clues and solve the mystery.

Sherlock: Case Connection cards

Sherlock: Case Connection was designed by Radosław Ignatów, whose previous work includes creating the theme park construction game Apakaland, the dice-rolling title Pointree and the Christmas themed roll-and-write game Giftbringer.

Lucky Duck Games is the studio responsible for releasing Sherlock: Case Connection, with the publisher having released other deduction titles such as the co-op board game Chronicles of Crime and its various spin-off titles like Chronicles of Crime: Noir and Chronicles of Crime: 1400. BBC Studios, the company behind the production of the Sherlock TV series, will be working with Lucky Duck to release Sherlock: Case Connection.

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Sherlock is a television series that first aired in 2010 and received four seasons over seven years. The series followed the adventures of master detective and recluse Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his friend Dr John Watson (Martin Freeman) as they attempt to solve a series of complicated crimes committed by ambitious criminals, including Holmes’ arch-nemesis Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott). Sherlock won several BAFTA Awards – including for best drama series and best supporting actor – as well as Emmy Awards over the course of its production and release.

The release date for Sherlock: Case Connection is set for Q2 2022, with the title launching at a retail price of €25 (£20/$28).

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