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Silent Night, Deadly Night, a 1984 slasher film, now has a board game adaptation

All is not calm, prepare to fight.

An upcoming board game based on the 1984 slasher film Silent Night, Deadly Night, has been created almost 40 years after the movie’s release.

Silent Night, Deadly Night: The Game sees one to four players becoming one of the film’s unfortunate victims, as they attempt to survive a killer’s rampage and stop him from fulfilling his bloody scheme. The players make their way around the game’s board by rolling a set of three dice, with one moving the player character and another moving the killer. Whilst the player die is numbered up to six, the highest number on the killer’s die is three - giving the players more time to stop the killer.

Silent Night, Deadly Night: The Game cards

The third die in the horror board game determines whether a player draws a card or not. Cards can cause various events to occur, whose outcomes can be either beneficial and detrimental to the players. Each of the cards are based on a different moment from Silent Night, Deadly Night, with artwork depicting the specific scene. Cards that cause roadblocks to appear on the board, forcing players to find a way around them and making it harder for them to reach the killer in time.

Players begin the movie board game with three lives - or snowballs - with various events or unlucky encounters with the killer reducing this number. If a player has the save badge then they will be protected from being killed in the next encounter. Whenever the players reach the killer, they will spin a spinner to decide whether they successfully defeat the killer, if their character dies or if they must continue to fight. Players win the game if they are able to defeat the killer before they all die or the killer reaches the Orphanage.

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In the original Silent Night, Deadly Night film a man named Billy dresses in a Father Christmas costume and goes on a violent rampage, killing various teenage slasher archetypes and attempting to exact revenge on the Mother Superior at the Orphanage he grew up in. At the time of its release, the film drummed up controversy for its advertisement campaign, which was heavily focused on its festive concept and imagery of a murderous Santa Claus. A remake of the film starring Jamie King and Malcom McDowell was released in 2012, with another remake currently in production.

The Kickstarter campaign for Silent Night, Deadly Night: The Game - which is set to be published by Fright Rags - is live until January 13th, with a pledge of $35 (£26) getting backers a copy of the game in December 2022.

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