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Ticket to Ride-esque game has players drawing holiday routes on globes

Game to get-away.

Plan dream holidays by drawing them on a globe in a new upcoming board game.

Globetrotting is a board game for one to four players themed around holiday destinations. In a similar fashion to the beginner board game Ticket to Ride, Globetrotting has players attempting to make routes between destinations – but this time with the purpose of planning out their dream holidays. Rather than using a traditional paper pad, players in Globetrotting will be drawing on a plastic globe that can be spun on its axis. Players will use their individual globes as a way of keeping track of the locations on their trips and the routes between them.

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Though the players’ holiday dreams may be ambitious, they have a finite amount of money to spend and must remain within their budget. At the start of each round, three desination cards are revealed, with players needing to choose one to add to their spring, summer or autumn trips. Whenever a new destination is added to a trip, the player must draw out a route to connect that location to another on the same trip. Many of the destinations featured in Globetrotting feature some recognisable names in tabletop gaming including Carcasonne in France, Luxor in Egypt and Jaipur in India.

Longer routes will cost the player more money, with every airfare needing to be logged in their individual passports. Every game will feature a series of global objectives that players must compete to complete, whilst also making sure to hit their own bucket list goals. Players can also score bonus points by meeting up with the players seated to their left and right in the same locations. The player who scores the most points by the end of the game is named the winner.

An image of some components for Globetrotting

Globetrotting was co-designed by Jeff Chin and Andrew Nerger, the co-creators of Canvas – a board game in which players layer semi-transparent cards over each other to make art and score points – and Crypt, a set collection game about gathering treasure.

Road to Infamy Games is the studio behind Globetrotting, along with the aforementioned Canvas and Crypt.

The Kickstarter campaign for Globetrotting is live until July 13th, with a pledge of $53 (£45) will get backers a copy of the core game when it arrives in April 2023.

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