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A Smurfs tabletop game is on the way from 7 Wonders and Dead Cells designers

In time for the blue pop icons' 65th anniversary.

Image credit: Peyo, LAFIG/IMPS

A new tabletop game starring the blue, mushroom-dwelling pop icons The Smurfs will release next year.

Behind the upcoming Smurfs board game are 7 Wonders creator Antoine Bauza, Cash ‘N Guns designer Ludovic Maublanc, Sea Salt & Paper co-designer Théo Rivière and Corentin Lebrat, the group of French game designers collectively known as team Kaedama. The partnership recently adapted the roguelike video game Dead Cells to the tabletop, as well as working together on games including the award-winning Draftosaurus.

If that wasn’t enough, also contributing to the Smurfs board game’s development are Dead of Winter co-creator Jonathan Gilmour, Sagarada co-designer Daryl Andrews and Bobby West, who collaborated with Ticket to Ride creator Alan R. Moon on earthquake game Aftershock - making it quite the stacked team of talent behind the Smurfs game.

Currently titled Smurfs’ Hidden Village - although the final name could apparently change before release - the tabletop game will put players in the leggings-and-hat-combo of the Smurfs as they look to reconstruct their mushroom homes following the destructive deeds of longtime series villain Gargamel.

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The players will need to gather resources, seek out missing Smurfs and build inventions in order to restore the village, while also needing to outfox Gargamel and his mean moggie sidekick Azrael.

Each playable Smurf will have a differing set of skills, with up to five players able to play the roughly half-hour game at once - or a single person in a solo mode.

Smurfs’ Hidden Village will launch a crowdfunding campaign this October - with this year marking the 65th anniversary of Belgian writer-artist Peyo’s creation of the blue characters - ahead of the board game’s planned release in 2024.

According to Maestro Media, the tabletop outlet involved in the game’s creation, the crowdfunding run will incorporate feedback and involvement from fans in some way to create “a fun, engaging and quality final product that is faithful to The Smurfs universe”.

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