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Studio behind award winning Just One is putting out a new party game

That's So Clover!

Work together to form word connections and score points in So Clover! the next party game from the publisher behind Just One - Repos Production.

A party board game for three to six players, So Clover! revolves around a board shaped like a four-leaf clover, with the players having to use the clues written on each card to figure out secret keywords. Each turn, players will be given a pair of keywords that are listed on one of the four cards placed on each leaf, which they’ll need to have the other players guess during the course of the game. Players can help their fellow team-mates figure out their assigned keywords by providing some helpful clues on the leaves of the clover.

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As a co-op game, players will need to think about both the potential connections between their assigned keywords and how their fellow players’ minds might interpret them. For example, if someone’s keywords are sheep and clothing, they might write the clue “wool” on the card showing those two keywords. Players will score points for guessing the correct keywords for each person, with the collective team score being put into the Record of Legends - for players to then attempt to beat next time they play.

So Clover! was created by François Romain, with the tabletop title being their debut design

Besides So Clover! and Just One - which received the prestigious tabletop award, the Spiel des Jahres, in 2019 - Repos Production is otherwise best known for releasing the classic beginner board game 7 Wonders, as well as its two-player version 7 Wonders Duel, and another party game called Concept.

So Clover! is set to be released later this month at a retail price of €20 ($23/£17).

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