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Anime hit Spy x Family is getting its own Love Letter-like card game

Waku waku!

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Smash-hit manga-turned-anime series Spy x Family will be the next pop-culture success to become a board game.

Spy x Family: Mission for Peanuts will release later this year, ahead of the anime series' upcoming movie spin-off Code: White, and looks to be a Love Letter-like compact card game of rapid deduction and elimination.

Image credit: KessCo

Players must attempt to reunite the Forger family - father figure Loid (aka secret agent Twilight), unassuming assassin Yor and adorable young telepath Anya, whose love for peanuts gives the game its name - without getting caught with the spy card (Loid) in their hand.

Like Love Letter, the game is built around using the unique abilities of each of a small number of cards - 24 in this case - representing the various characters around the Forgers, from future-seeing dog Bond to Loid’s informant Franky, handler Sylvia and rival agent Fiona Frost.

Each card has multiple effects on it, depending on how it’s used - whether it’s deployed, kept secret or used to assist in another way. Each player creates a two-card team in order to try to outpace their rivals in finding the Forgers.

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If one of the players brings together all the Forgers without being eliminated, they instantly win. The game is expected to last around 20 minutes to half an hour with three to five players.

Spy x Family: Mission for Peanuts is due to release this autumn, following demos and a pre-release at US board game convention Gen Con in early August. Movie Code: White is due to hit cinema screens in Japan on December 22nd.

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