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Star Trek Missions is a board game that combines Fantasy Realms gameplay with the beloved sci-fi series

Picard, any card.

Fly across the galaxy in the Enterprise in search of the best team for the most dangerous expeditions in Star Trek Missions, a board game that uses the same gameplay system as Fantasy Realms.

Based on the universe created by the Star Trek television series - before being expanded on with multiple shows, films, video games and tabletop roleplaying games, such as Star Trek Adventures - Star Trek Missions has players attempting to assemble a crew from a collection of unique and competent individuals, all featured in various Star Trek outings. From Commander Willaim Riker to DaiMon Bok, players will have to choose the best possible people for their crew, before embarking on various missions to save the galaxy.

In Star Trek Missions, players must draw and play cards in order to create a hand that is worth a high-scoring point total. Using a selection of galaxy cards and missions cards, players will want to gather and play cards that produce higher point values when combined with other cards in their hand. Eventually, players will compare the point-total of their hands with one another, resulting in the player with the highest number of points being the winner.

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The gameplay system for Star Trek: Missions is based on an existing board game called Fantasy Realms, which has players drawing and discarding cards in order to collect the highest-scoring combinations of cards. The fantasy board game features combinations based on different tactical strategies that could be employed by a ruler, with the most successful being those that produce the best combos.

Star Trek Missions and Fantasy Realms were both created by Bruce Glasso, co-designer of the horror board game Betrayal at House on the Hill and the creator of Mystery! Motive for Murder, a board game about figuring out the perpertrator behind a murder in a mansion.

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Wizkids is the company responsible for releasing Star Trek Missions, as well as Fantasy Realms, with the studio’s previous titles including Fury of Dracula: Fourth Edition and the deckbuilding game Mage Knight.

Star Trek Missions is set to be released in February 2022 at a retail release price of $19.99 (£14).

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