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Star Wars: Outer Rim is finally getting its first expansion, Unfinished Business

Fantasy Flight Games warns not to expect any more information “for some time”.

The long-awaited first expansion for Star Wars: Outer Rim has been revealed by Fantasy Flight Games, two years after the board game first hit shelves.

Titled Unfinished Business, the upcoming expansion for the Star Wars board game was announced in a very - and I mean very - short teaser trailer at the end of Fantasy Flight Games’ In-Flight Report stream during Gen Con Online 2021.

The video spent about as much time acknowledging that an expansion to the board game, which puts players in the boots of bounty hunters, smugglers and other such scum and villainy along the edge of the Star Wars universe, had constantly been requested by players since Outer Rim’s release in the summer of 2019.

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In Outer Rim, players take on rogues and scoundrels such as Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and Jyn Erso who must complete a variety of contracts to earn credits and build up their fame. As well as its familiar faces, the game allows players to remix elements of Star Wars lore into their own adventure, with the freedom for characters to hop into ships belonging to other characters with various companions - Han piloting Jango Fett’s Slave I with an unshot Greedo by his side, for example.

The board game offers open sandbox-style play, with players able to move freely between various planets in the Outer Rim and pick up jobs from their inhabitants, before travelling to their destination and engaging with light narrative events to complete given tasks. Activities can include eliminating or capturing targets, attacking Rebel bases, playing sabaac and dog-fighting in space, many of which are resolved with a light bit of dice rolling.

Fantasy Flight’s tease for Unfinished Business revealed the expansion’s title and cover artwork, but stopped short of explaining what the box will actually bring to the core game. While Outer Rim generally attracted praise for its gameplay and use of the Star Wars universe, criticism typically concerned the limited number of events and cards in the base set - leading to calls for an expansion to add replayability and variety shortly after release.

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Studio head Chris Gerber opened the In-Flight Report by acknowledging that the impact of ongoing shipping delays and rising costs on the tabletop industry meant that the publisher would not confirm precise release dates.

Unfinished Business will be no exception, with no indication of when the Star Wars: Outer Rim expansion will find its way to tables. In a follow-up blog post, Fantasy Flight added: “We won’t have any additional information on this product to share for some time, but rest assured, it is coming!”

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