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Sci-fi roleplaying game Stars Without Number gets a full hardcover release

An RPG of galactic proportions.

Dive into a science fiction world filled with potential in Stars Without Number, a roleplaying game that’s seeing its first hardcover printing.

The Offset Print Edition of Stars Without Number will provide a physical hardcover version of the sci-fi RPG with full-colour illustrations and a smyth-sewn binding, as well as printed endsheets and a ribbon bookmark. Each book will be made with premium-grade paper and ink, whilst the content itself will be given a grammatical clean-up - with the majority of the text still remaining the same as the most recent PDF version of Stars Without Number.

Backers who pledge for the Offset Print Edition will also receive a download of the Deluxe PDF edition of Stars Without Number, which includes elements such as transhuman shells, mechs, society creation, true AI characters, cinematically heroic PCs and even some aspects of “Space Magic” for game masters and players to add into their campaigns.

Stars Without Number RPG artwork

Stars Without Number is a roleplaying game inspired by old-school science fiction adventure that was first released in 2010. Whereas many RPGs are designed to be played through set storylines for players to follow, Stars Without Number allows for players to travel wherever they want in search of adventure. Character creation includes elements such as being able to make aliens, psychics and mechanised characters.

In order to travel the galaxy, players can pilot their own starship and take roles to employ should they ever find themselves in the midst of combat. GMs can use the game’s guidelines in order to devise their own environments, non-player characters and potential storylines for players to pursue, alongside details about the different factions that players maye encounter along the way.

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Stars Without Number was created by Kevin Crawford - the founder of the studio responsible for releasing the game, Sine Nomine Publishing - who is also the designer behind the spin-off fantasy roleplaying game Worlds Without Number and Wolves of God, an RPG which takes place during the occupation of ancient Britain by Roman forces.

The Kickstarter campaign for Stars Without Number: Offset Print Edition is live until October 1st, with a pledge of $80 (£58) getting backers a copy that’s estimated to arrive in September 2022.

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