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Codenames publisher’s next board game has strong Star Trek vibes

To boldly roll.

The publisher behind Codenames, Czech Games Edition, has announced its next upcoming board game, Starship Captains.

A space-themed board game with thematic similarities to the beloved sci-fi television series Star Trek – particularly its focus upon the wonders of space exploration – Starship Captains will support two to four players in a tabletop title about adventures in the galaxy.

In the game, each player becomes a captain of their own spaceship and must travel across the stars in search of answers. As the leader of a team of cadets, ensigns, androids and officers, players will need to manage their crewmembers and make the most of their various skills and unique abilities. With each new mission players take on, they’ll have additional tasks to do, which they’ll need to apply their engine – not a literal engine, but a combo system that they build throughout the game – to order to successfully complete every mission.

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Finishing missions will enable players to then upgrade their respective ships with powerful alien technology, thereby allowing them to take on more ambitious tasks. Players will also be able to earn medals they can use to promote and train their crew – thus making them even better at their jobs. As their reputation for success spreads throughout the galaxy, players will gain connections with three separate factions and acquire even more benefits. Whichever player becomes the most celebrated starship captain wins the game.

Starship Captains was created by Peter B Hoffgaard, with this being the designer’s debut title.

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Besides Codenames and Starship Captains, Czech Games Edition is responsible for releasing tabletop titles such as the deckbuilding board game Lost Ruins of Arnak – which received the 2021 American Tabletop Award for Best Complex Game – another sci-fi themed game called Galaxy Trucker, which recently received a brand-new edition, and Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization.

Starship Captains is set to be released during the Essen Spiel convention, which will take place in Essen, Germany from October 6th to 9th, at a retail price of €60 ($60/£50).

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