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Build a city for tourists, families and hipsters in Streets, the next game from the creator of Villagers

On the tiles.

Villagers creator Haakon Gaarder’s next board game is Streets, a tile-laying puzzle about growing a quaint town into a bustling city.

A once-quiet development is seeing a boom in construction as new arrivals stream in from all over to take advantage of the affordable housing. From business startups to trendy accommodation, the streets of this town are filled with exciting new properties ipe for potential profit. With tourists, hipsters, families and other visitors and residents pouring into the city, the time for building and investing is now or never.

A board game for one to five players, Streets sees players investing in various properties springing up across the developing city. As each new street is formed, players must carefully decide what buildings will benefit most from being constructed in which locations. Properties that attract more attention from the city’s residents and visitors will be worth more money at the end of the game, with the players’ aim being to reap as much profit as possible from their total investments.

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In the upcoming board game, each building is represented by a certain kind of tile that can be played as part of an up-and-coming street in the city. Every building has a formula that determines how much it’s worth - also affected by the position of other buildings on its street - as well as how many people (or, rather, meeples) have decided to take residence or visit.

Once a street is completed, the value of every building is calculated and added to each owner’s total score. Players then lay down buildings in order to create another street, with any meeples from the previously-constructed street migrating over to the new one.

Streets board game meeples

As well as designing both Streets and Villagers, Gaarder created the artwork for both games. Sinister Fish Games, the company responsible for releasing Villagers, will be publishing Streets.

The Kickstarter campaign for Streets is set to launch on September 1st, with a retail price and release date yet to be confirmed.

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