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The Simpsons and Earthbound inspired this creepy suburban tabletop RPG setting

Designed for Troika!

Artwork for Suburbia: Envy of a Million Spheres.
Image credit: Adriel Jimenez.

A new tabletop roleplaying game setting takes inspiration from the likes of The Simpsons, Earthbound and the works of David Lynch.

Called Suburbia: The Envy of a Million Spheres, the tabletop RPG setting puts players into a fictional world dominated by suburban bliss. Intended to be played with the Troika! gameplay system, Suburbia has players exploring a surreal and psychedelic world populated by all sorts of creepy organisations, all of which are hellbent on upholding the peace of the neighbourhood.

Taking inspiration from the bizarre, hyper-Americanised look and feel of the classic Super Nintendo video game Earthbound – which has become a cult-classic thanks to its unique presentation and musings on modern American life – Suburbia has players encountering the likes of the Viridian Maids and Friendly Neighbourhood Watch, as well as stirrings of the occult and emergence of nightmares.

Artwork for Suburbia: Envy of a Million Spheres.
Image credit: Adriel Jimenez.

Suburbia also takes cues from the beloved animated sitcom series, The Simpsons, with its setting including all the recognisable imagery of American suburbia – from the drone of lawnmowers to the chimes of the local shopping centre – and the satirical politics to go with it. The sci-fi RPG even takes elements from the works of iconic auteur David Lynch – best known for directing the TV show Twin Peaks and films like Mulholland Drive – with its uncomfortable examination of American culture.

Suburbia: The Envy of a Million Spheres was written by Adriel Jimenez during the 2021 Troikafest, an event held by The Melsonian Arts Council – the publisher responsible for releasing Troika! - with Envy of a Million Spheres being an updated version of the original setting.

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Troika! is a strange fantasy tabletop roleplaying game in which players travel across a strange multiverse containing a series of planets to explore. As a group of bizarre characters, each with their own unusual origins and roles, players will adventure by rolling a six-sided dice and attempting to navigate the weird landscape and people they encounter.

A crowdfunding campaign for Suburbia: The Envy of a Million Spheres is set to be launched on Kickstarter on July 5th, for around 30 days.

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