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Video game-inspired Boss Monster board game gets a hardware upgrade with new title

A super addition.

The front cover of Super Boss Monster.
Image credit: Brotherwise Games

The next entry in the video game-inspired Boss Monster board game series will add new gameplay mechanics and a single-player mode.

Originally released in 2013, Boss Monster is a board game for two to four players that takes direct inspiration from retro video games - presenting a pixelated art style and cards that take their cues from classic video game tropes like bottomless pits and Final Fantasy-esque characters. The tabletop title has players taking the roles of the kinds of ‘bosses’ found in retro video game levels, who must defend their domains from pesky heroes attempting to invade and defeat them.

The players build their own dungeons by placing room cards that feature various traps, monsters and other dangers for the incoming heroes to face. Players both want to lure heroes into their dungeons with alluring treasure hordes and ensure their demise before they’re able to reach their boss monsters within their lairs. Should any heroes successfully make it to a boss monster, then the player’s character takes a wound. Five wounds equals a game over for any players. Whichever player has defeated the most heroes without being defeated themselves becomes the winner.

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A trailer for Super Boss Monster.

Super Boss Monster has a similar core design to the original Boss Monster, with players competing to tempt as many heroes as possible to enter their dungeons before destroying them. As with the first game, Super Boss Monster has players placing rooms filled with nasty surprises for unsuspecting heroes.

However, there are brand-new elements in this video game board game such as a town board - which introduces a set of new gameplay mechanics that will have players placing meeples on different landmarks to perform various additional actions. Using the minion meeples, players can visit parts of the town to gain extra benefits like getting another room or spell card from the temple or improving their dungeon with the hide-out.

Another new element in Super Boss Monster is a solo game mode which enables single players to attempt to achieve the highest score possible by building their best dungeon. However, players will have to make sure they manage the number of heroes making it through their dungeon, or else risk getting a game over.

A layout image for Super Boss Monster.
Image credit: Brotherwise Games

Super Boss Monster was created and is set to be published by Brotherwise Games, a tabletop game company that has also released the Call to Adventure series - featuring a title based on the popular Name of the Wind fantasy book series - and is set to publish a tabletop roleplaying game set within the Stormlight Archive universe.

A crowdfunding campaign for Super Boss Monster is set to be launched on Kickstarter sometime in the future.

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