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Super Fantasy Brawl expansions add nine new characters to the arena-battle board game

Roll into the rumble.

Unleash nine new champions into the arena with new upcoming expansions for battling board game Super Fantasy Brawl.

Included as part of a Super Fantasy Brawl Round 2 Kickstarter campaign, the fresh-faced characters will be assigned to one of three new expansions for the miniatures board game. Each of the new expansions will come with three champions for players to use in their playthroughs, with the characters being focused around the themes of tricksters, authority or powerful minds.

As in the core game, champions will come with their own set of unique action cards that players can combine together to form decks capable of performing powerful combos. The characters featured in the upcoming board game expansions can team up with champions from the original release and across each of the new expansions. Further details about each of the champions’ powers and personalities are yet to be revealed.

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Super Fantasy Brawl is a board game for two to four players set in a world where warriors fight for amusement rather than security or peace. The world of Fabulosa is filled with formidable fighters who challenge each other in the Super Brawl - a spectacle of entertainment designed for the masses.

In the fantasy game, players choose between a wide variety of champions, selecting three to form their team of fighters. Each champion has their own collection of action cards that form the player’s deck, which they then use to perform manoeuvres, attacks and other special abilities in order to score precious victory points. These points can be earned by completing objectives, which can only be finished at the start of a player’s turn. Players continue to compete until one of them reaches the required amount of victory points to win the game.

Jochen Eisenhuth is the creator of Super Fantasy Brawl, as well as last year’s expansion Super Fantasy Brawl: Force of Nature - which added three new champions to the game, all themed around the environment and natural world.

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Super Fantasy Brawl is published by Mythic Games, the studio responsible for the Mythic Battles series of miniatures board games, as well as the narrative-driven historical game Time of Legends: Joan of Arc and the upcoming video game board game Darkest Dungeon.

The Kickstarter campaign for Super Fantasy Brawl Round 2 is set to launch sometime in March. The board game will also see a retail release in the future. Mythic has further confirmed that it will be looking into restarting organised play and tournaments for Super Fantasy Brawl, whilst monitoring the current safety regulations around COVID-19 pandemic.

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