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Sushi Go! creator’s latest board game is called Super Mega Lucky Box

Cross-off till you drop-off.

Super Mega Lucky Box is an upcoming board game from the designer behind the Sushi Go! series - Phil Walker-Harding.

A game for one to six players, Super Mega Lucky Box involves crossing-off various numbers on a three by three whiteboard grid. Over the space of four rounds, players use their marker pens and a selection of numbered cards to mark through the numbers on their respective grids.

At the start of a round, players choose three cards out of a selection of five to place within their grid. Then, each round has players shuffling 18 cards - two lots of cards containing the numbers from one to nine - before flipping them over one-by-one and crossing-off the matching numbers on their grid.

Phil Walker-Harding headshot
Phil Walker-Harding.

Should a player ever finish a row or column in their grid, then they will get a bonus, which could be one of several potential symbols - each providing a different kind of benefit. For example, getting a lighting bolt will enable the player to increase or decrease a number that the player is crossing-off, and gaining a question mark will allow the player to cross off any number on their grid.

When a round ends, the players each score a total of points for every card that they’ve managed to entirely mark off. The first round will see players scoring 15 points for a completed card, whilst the last round will only net them eight points for a finished card. Once four rounds have been played through, players will tally up their points - including getting one point for every cross marked on their uncompleted cards - and the player with the most points is named the winner. There is also a version for larger groups and a solo game mode for players to tackle, with the aim being to get the best result possible from the table in the rulebook

Apart from creating Super Mega Lucky Box and the party game Sushi Go!, Walker-Harding is otherwise most recognised for creating the theme park building board game Bärenpark - in which players compete to create the most popular amusement park containing bears - and Imhotep, an Egyptian-themed board game about constructing pyramids using wooden cubes.

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Super Mega Lucky Box is being released by Gamewright, the company responsible for releasing the aforementioned Sushi Go! series and the beloved co-op game Forbidden Island, alongside its sequels, Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Sky.

The release date for Super Mega Lucky Box is set for sometime this year, with players able to get the game for a retail price of $15.99 (£11).

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