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Bloodborne meets Sherlock Holmes in this solo/co-op tabletop RPG

Spinning Yarns in Yharnam.

A tabletop roleplaying game has combined the gothic horror of Bloodborne with the mystery solving of Sherlock Holmes.

Called Sworn by Ghostlight, the tabletop RPG has either one or two players exploring the streets of a Victorian London inspired setting called Mónaþstone looking for clues. Similarly to Bloodborne - the horror action video game developed by FromSoft – Sworn by Ghostlight takes place in a gothic city that sits beneath the light of a sinister moon. Like Bloodborne’s Yharnam, Mónaþstone is invested with creatures of the undead, shadowy ghosts and necromancers waiting to pounce on their next victim.

As investigators in the city of Mónaþstone, players in Sworn by Ghostlight will need to search its alleyways, buildings and streets for clues to their investigation, all whilst avoiding or fending off the various monsters that stalk them.

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Sworn by Ghostlight is primarily a mystery-solving game, with players attempting to put all the pieces of a yet to be determined puzzle together. The horror TRPG uses the Ironsworn gameplay system, with the solution to each mystery being undetermined until the very end. There are multiple potential culprits that could be behind the crime the players are attempting to solve, with the clues and conclusions people come to deciding the real perpetrator. The more information players are able to gather, the closer they’ll get to being able to make a final reveal and close the case for good.

Sworn by Ghostlight is a GM-less TRPG, with the players needing to make a particular roll in order to successfully collect all the clues and come to the right conclusion. Players can experience Sworn by Ghostlight alongside another player in a co-op mode or as a solo tabletop RPG, with the game featuring a collection of different potential cases and possible culprits – meaning that it can be replayed multiple times over.

Sworn by Ghostlight was created by Yuigaron, who has also created other tabletop roleplaying games such as sci-fi horror TRPG called Frozen Breath – that sees players becoming scouts charting a freezing alien world – and Loom, a tabletop RPG about fallen gods that takes inspiration from the video game Hades.

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Ironsworn is an Ennie award winning – which is the highest accolade a TRPG can receive - fantasy tabletop roleplaying game created by Shawn Tomkin that has players taking on the roles of heroes in a dangerous world. During the game, players will have to fight their way through deadly scenarios and rely on the bonds they have with their fellow heroes in order to survive. Each new quest in Ironsworn brings new potential for spreading goodness, but also plenty of danger as well.

The digital PDF version of Sworn by Ghostlight is available to download now from for $3 (£2.50) or more.

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