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Become a god in this Thousand Year Old Vampire-style solo RPG

It’s tough to be a god.

Become a god in an upcoming roleplaying game that uses the Thousand Year Old Vampire gameplay system.

Tales from the God is a solo tabletop RPG that sees the player taking on the role of deity who has existed for many centuries. The TRPG begins with the player’s god being worshipped by its followers, only to end with being left slide into the oblivion of forgetfulness.

Players begin by creating their god using the Tales from the God rulebook and a set of polyhedral dice. There are five different traits which determine what kind of god the player creates and controls including sagas, skills, relics, characters and symbols. Whilst sagas involve important moments that shape a god’s existence and what their followers know about them, skills define what the player’s god is capable of doing, such as any powers or potential behaviours they might indulge. Once a player has made their god, they begin journaling their existence within a journal they have to hand.

As the player’s god acts, their actions will be recorded as sagas that are made from myths or single sentences that the player writes, telling of an important event their god has instigated. Multiple myths make up a saga and multiple sagas make up a codex, eventually resulting in a compilation of their deity’s history. Myths are prompted by the tabletop RPG rulebook, with the player needing to respond to each prompt using their dice – whose rolls will help to shape the prompt response – and their own imaginations.

Player gods will also be able to create their own relics that contain immense power, sometimes associated with the god or other times another figure. However, players can lose their relics via certain rulebook prompts, causing them to strike it out from their journal. As the player’s god interacts with its worshippers and the mortal world they may form bonds with other beings – both mortal and immortal – who may then play a role in the god’s story.

As the game progresses, players will be forced to lose skills and relics as time passes and the world begins to forget about their deity. Should players ever be unable to lose a relic or a skill, then the game ends and the god’s story is over – left to be forgotten by annals of history.

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Tales from the God was created and is set to be published by Axostories, a studio made up of project manager Sergio Ake, game designer Alastor Guzman, game designer and author Jamie Reyes, artist Halcabar El Gato, artist and layout designer Irina Glavez ‘Kirobin’ and editor Deniela Mateos. Contributions were made by Tim Hutchings – the creator of Thousand Year Old Vampire – and cultural consultant James Mendez Hodes.

The Kickstarter campaign for Tales from the God is live until June 3rd, with a pledge of MX$ 850 ($40/£34) getting backers a physical copy of the RPG in April 2023. Alternatively, a digital PDF copy is available for a pledge of MX$ 350 ($20/£14).

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