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Tales from the Red Dragon Inn opens the tavern door to a co-op dungeon-crawl game

From drinking to dungeoneering.

Step outside of the tavern to carry out the day job of a group of fantasy heroes in Tales from the Red Dragon Inn, an entry in the series that features co-op gameplay.

Set within the same universe of the popular fantasy board game series The Red Dragon Inn - wherein a party of adventurers settle back for a night of drinking and tomfoolery - Tales from the Red Dragon Inn has gives players the opportunity to discover what the characters from the original title actually do out on their adventures. Taking place outside of the classic setting of a raucous tavern, Tales from the Red Dragon Inn has players pursuing a campaign that will have them exploring various maps filled with a collection of murderous foes.

An upcoming co-op game for one to four players, Tales from the Red Dragon Inn takes place over a series of scenarios strung together into a complete campaign that features unique maps to traverse, enemies to fight and puzzles to solve. Players will be able to choose from a roster of different characters that have appeared in previous titles in the series, including the protective magician Deirdre; rowdy fighter Fiona; rogue Gerki and half-ogre Gog. As players progress through the game, their characters will unlock more powerful versions of their abilities - including those characters that players have not taken with them in scenarios - and gain access to better items and equipment, as well as advance on a skill tree that will grant once-per-scenario abilities.

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Each map will feature new areas for players to visit, as well as unique versions of enemies that will behave differently depending on which map they’re based in. The scenarios in the dungeon-crawler board game will contain objectives for players to complete varying from exploration, to rescue missions, to tug-of-war games and other potential adventures. Successfully fulfilling their objectives before their enemies can will win the players that scenario.

Tales from the Red Dragon Inn was co-created by Jennifer Kitzman, as well as Jeff Morrow - co-designer of The Red Dragon Inn 3 - and Sam Waller, who have previously worked together on The Red Dragon Inn 4.

Slugfest Games is the studio responsible for releasing Tales from the Red Dragon Inn, with the company being best known for publishing The Red Dragon Inn series, as well as the tile-laying board game Dungeon Decorators - that has players attempting to create a dungeon to the specifications of their monstrous clientele.

Tales from the Red Dragon Inn cards

The Red Dragon Inn is a board game that was initially released in 2007. In the fantasy game, players take the role of adventurers who have returned to the tavern after a day of heroics in order to compete in drinking, gambling and general roughhousing - whoever remains standing at the end of the night is named the winner.

The Kickstarter campaign for Tales from the Red Dragon Inn is live until October 29th, with a pledge of $90 (£67) getting backers a copy of the game that’s estimated to arrive in February 2023.

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