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7th Citadel, the open-world board game that raised almost £3 million on Kickstarter, is coming back to crowdfunding

If you missed it the first time around.

An image of the layout for 7th Citadel game.
Image credit: Serious Poulp

The 7th Citadel, a board game whose original crowdfunding campaign raised almost £3 million, is coming back to Kickstarter this year.

The 7th Citadel is a sequel to 2017’s The 7th Continent, an adventure board game that sees players exploring an alternate version of the early 20th Century in search of a cure to a curse that has plagued them since they first travelled to the seventh continent. In the 7th Citadel, players also interact with the same choose-your-own-adventure-style gameplay system as its predecessor, with some entirely new elements on top of that.

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As a co-op board game, the 7th Citadel sees players working together to explore a post-apocalyptic mediaeval fantasy world called the Collapsing Lands, which is populated by all sorts of dangerous creatures like Necrodruids and Burrowers. Along the way, the group will gradually unveil more parts of the map and experience various story-beats as they go. Throughout the game, players encounter a selection of scenarios, all of which gradually lead up to a final confrontation with the board game’s Threat.

Expanding the board has players placing a collection of numbered terrain tiles, with certain tiles triggering players drawing and resolving event cards that challenge them to make potentially hard decisions. In many ways, the 7th Citadel is like an open-world fantasy board game: with players choosing where to go and what to do at will.

An image of the elements for 7th Citadel expansion - Knowledge is Power.
Image credit: Serious Poulp

The original crowdfunding campaign for The 7th Citadel ran from September to October 2020, with the game eventually collecting a total of €3,289,904 (£2,816,612/$3,511,252). Backers of that campaign will have recently received their copies of the board game, with a new campaign now heading to Kickstarter to give those people who may have missed out on the first run the opportunity to get their own copy.

This new Kickstarter campaign will launch on June 4th, with the game’s publisher, Serious Poulp, securing a partnership with the crowdfunding company to launch all its crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter until the end of 2026.

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