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Battle Royale and PUBG inspired this horror sci-fi tabletop RPG

A terrifying tourist attraction.

Fight for survival in a dystopian future world where people are made to hunt one another in the upcoming tabletop roleplaying game, The Bloodfields at Blackstar Station.

Inspired by the likes of 2000 Japanese thriller Battle Royale - a film in which a class of school children are forced to fight one another in an arena - The Hunger Games, a series of young adult novels about a dystopian USA in which children from different class backgrounds must battle for the amusement of the rich elite, and the multiplayer video game PUBG, which challenges teams of players to be the last one standing on in an ever-decreasing map, The Bloodfields at Blackstar Station presents a science-fiction setting where victims find themselves in a bloody tourist attraction.

The Bloodfields at Blackstar Station layout page

After a routine two weeks of cryosleep, the players in The Bloodfields at Blackstar Station are awoken in a destination they don’t recognise, in the custody of people they don’t know. During the horror RPG, the player characters become pawns in the twisted games played by the owners of the space station they’re trapped inside, forced to participate in a gladiatorial arena that could end in everyone’s demise - unless they can find a way out. With several rival factions present on the station, the player characters might be able to gain favour and get off the wretched station.

The sci-fi roleplaying game uses the Mothership gameplay system, which sees players taking on different roles within their team, with each role having certain proficiencies unique to them. Whenever a player character attempts to perform an action, they must roll a d100 to see whether they fumble with anything. As the situation worsens and the characters find themselves in more desperate situations, the likelihood of them making mistakes is increased and the tension heightens.

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The Bloodfields at Blackstar Station was written by Christian Sorell, whose previous tabletop RPG releases include several expansions designed to be used with the dark fantasy RPG Mörk Borg - such as a new class called the pallid jailor and a fungal character called Papa Mush - alongside a solo roleplaying game called Lay Me Down. Editing for The Bloodfields at Blackstar Station was done by Vi Huntsman, with artwork for the RPG from Roque Romero.

A Kickstarter campaign for The Bloodfields at Blackstar Station is set to launch as part of the Zimo 2022 event on February 1st, with pledge amounts yet to be confirmed.

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