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A Castles of Burgundy reprint is coming to Gamefound this spring

The royal treatment.

A reprint of The Castles of Burgundy is coming to the crowdfunding platform Gamefound this spring.

The Castles of Burgundy: Deluxe Edition will be revitalising what is considered to be one of the best board games released in the last 15 years. Originally released in 2011, The Castles of Burgundy sees two to four players competing as rival aristocrats in Medieval France. The deluxe edition of the game will feature entirely new artwork by illustrators from Awaken Realms – a co-publisher of The Castles of Burgundy: Deluxe Edition and the founder of Gamefound – replacing the original illustrations created by Julien Delval and Harald Lieske.

The components for The Castles of Burgundy: Deluxe Edition will be upgraded versions of the original’s, with improvements made to the game’s tokens, cards and player boards. Besides cosmetic changes, the upcoming board game will feature a “refined user experience” designed to make the tabletop title easier to learn and play, with more “readability” based on feedback from the community. Finally, campaign elements will be added to the game, which also be shaped by player feedback.

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The Castles of Burgundy: Deluxe Edition was created by Stefan Feld, the designer of the original board game and its sequel, The Castles of Tuscany, as well as the Ancient Rome themed board game Trajan – which has players vying for influence across the different aspect of Roman life.

Alongside Awaken Realms, which is also the studio behind the horror board game Nemesis, The Castles of Burgundy: Deluxe Edition will be co-published by Alea, a branch of the company Ravensburger - which released the original Castles of Burgundy.

The Castles of Burgundy has players taking control of their own princedom, which they must develop in order to compete with their opponents. Taking place over five phases, the game sees players taking and placing tiles on their gameboard. At the start of each round, one player rolls a goods placement die, which determines which tiles are made available that round. On their turn, players can take two actions which could include taking a settlement tile, placing a settlement tile on their game boards, delivering various goods and taking worker tokens to affect their dice rolls.

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Each settlement tile provides players with a different kind of benefit – such as being able to take specific actions or granting more goods – with players needing to think carefully about which tiles they want on their game boards. Certain actions can also trigger victory points being awarded. Whichever player has the most victory points by the end of the game is the winner.

The Gamefound crowdfunding campaign for The Castles of Burgundy: Deluxe Edition is set to be launched sometime in May, with pledge amounts yet to be confirmed.

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