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Chronicles of Crime publisher’s next board game is a horror title for older players only

Welcome to The Dark Quarter.

The studio behind the Chronicles of Crime series, Lucky Duck Games, is set to release a mature horror themed board game currently called The Dark Quarter - the name has not yet been finalised.

A representative from Lucky Duck told Dicebreaker that the game will have a suggested age-rating of 16 or even 18+ - this information is yet to be confirmed - and that The Dark Quarter will be a horror board game containing adult themes and mature content. Taking place in the city of New Orleans during the 1980s, the upcoming board game will see players exploring an open world in a similar vein to another of Lucky Duck’s previous releases, Destinies - which according to the studio representative, was much “bigger than expected”.

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Update: A previous version of this article stated that Omar Akil was the cultural consultant for The Dark Quarter. Dicebreaker has been informed that the cultural consultant for the game is actually Omari Akil, this has since been corrected.

The Dark Quarter will be a co-op board game for one to four players and will heavily focus on narrative progression and character development. A cultural consultant, Omari Akil, has been brought on to help create the tabletop title’s setting and ensure that it remains accurate to the history of New Orleans, which is a city that’s renowned for its Creole heritage and communities. As in Chronicles of Crime and Destinies, The Dark Quarter will be an app-assisted board game, with players interacting with both physical components and a digital app on their device of choice.

Lucky Duck Games - which is also known for the Kingdom Rush series and It’s a Wonderful World - is co-publishing The Dark Quarter alongside Van Ryder Games, the studio responsible for the 1940s sleuth board game Detective: City of Angels and the solo board game Hostage Negotiator, that has players attempting to obtain the release of victims by a kidnapper through a tense conversation.

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Chronicles of Crime is a board game for one to four players set in a modern-day police station. As investigators, the players must work together to gather clues in order to solve the various crimes they encounter within the game, using a combination of physical components and a digital app to figure out the solutions to the various puzzles.

A fundraising campaign for The Dark Quarter is set to launch on an online platform in Q1 2022, with the chosen platform and pledge amounts yet to be confirmed.

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