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Monster-hunting sci-fi miniatures game The Doomed sounds like Hunt: Showdown meets Warhammer 40,000

From Into the Odd creator.

A new miniatures game looks to slam together the gothic monster-hunting of video game Hunt: Showdown with the grim sci-fi of Warhammer 40,000.

The Doomed takes place in an apocalyptic world inhabited by monstrous Horrors. The creatures are tracked down and eliminated by groups of human survivors, who also clash with rival hunters as they compete for fame over the kill.

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The Doomed’s bleak setting appears to draw from the medieval-tinged sci-fi of games such as Warhammer, with artist Helge C. Balzer’s cover artwork - seen in a non-final form at Essen Spiel 2022 - depicting hunters donning suits of hefty armour and wielding a mixture of weapons including swords, shields, guns and futuristic crossbows.

Behind the miniatures game is designer Chris McDowall, creator of indie darling tabletop RPGs Into the Odd and Electric Bastionland. Like McDowall’s rules-light roleplaying games, The Doomed is said to be quick to play and easy on the rules side.

The skirmish miniatures game will use small handfuls of models on the table formed into warbands headed by leaders. These warbands will be placed into scenarios unique to each monster, with a ‘scene’ in which the hunt takes place also changing the setup.

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The upcoming game will include the ability to play in a campaign, with players able to use their accumulated prestige and renown to improve and customise their warband. Each faction will have its own interests and ideology, which may cause further friction with rival bands.

The Doomed will be released by publisher Osprey Games next April, in a hardback book costing £25 here in the UK.

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