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This weird tabletop RPG was inspired by Adventure Time and Samurai Jack

Discover the Lands of Loor.

A new tabletop roleplaying game takes inspiration from the likes of animated series such as Adventure Time and Samurai Jack.

Called The Lands of Loor, the upcoming tabletop RPG has players exploring a dark and weird post-apocalyptic world populated by strange and dangerous folks. A world that has experienced near-destruction before slowly dragging itself back to its feet, The Lands of Loor is a bizarre, scary and wonderous place that’s ready for adventurers to discover.

As fate weavers, players will find themselves as ordinary yet exceptional protagonists to a story or series of stories that take place across The Lands of Loor. The players’ journeys throughout The Lands of Loor will have them meet different people and cultures, each with their own unique local problems that players can choose to attempt to solve. Along the way, the group will undoubtedly pick-up a fair few enemies who will plot against them in various ways.

Artwork for The Lands of Loor tabletop RPG.

The world of The Lands of Loor was inspired by Adventure Time – an animated series that aired between 2010 and 2018 and followed the shenanigans of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog in the Land of Ooo – the animated series Samurai Jack, which focuses on the story of a Samurai transported to a dystopian future, and Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series of novels about an interconnected collection of worlds.

A fantasy TRPG, The Lands of Loor takes inspiration from OSR, or Old School Renaissance, which looks to revive certain aspects of classic tabletop roleplaying games whilst updating others. Players will be able to create their characters by choosing from a number of playable species such as traditional fantasy archetypes like elves and dwarves, to stranger beings like Cavians – or rodent people – and Oozers. GMs and players will be able to have access to fundamental rules, setting descriptions and other gameplay mechanics depending on which version of the RPG they get.

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The Lands of Loor tabletop RPG was co-created by Bernard, Wiktor, Oliver, Christopher, Caroline and Lukasz

The Kickstarter campaign for The Lands of Loor is live until August 31, with a pledge of PLN 20 (£4/$4) getting backers access to a digital copy of the basic book, whilst PLN 40 (£8/$8) will unlock the extended cut, both of which are set to arrive in February 2023.

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