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A roleplaying game inspired by Portal 2 and The Stanley Parable involves unused stickers

Will stick to you like glue.

This new tabletop roleplaying game has players using their abandoned stickers to conduct scientific experiments.

Inspired by the likes of humorous video games such as Portal 2 – the acclaimed sequel to the sci-fi video game about using a portal gun to complete weird experiments – and The Stanely Parable, an indie game about fourth wall breaking and player agency, The Sticker Game is an upcoming tabletop RPG that invites players to imagine a strange world wherein they can interact with other realities.

Featuring journalling gameplay – meaning that players use a notebook to write their responses, thoughts and ideas – and audio drama storytelling, The Sticker Game has players using the otherwise forgotten stickers hidden throughout their home to tell a story. As a partner of a weird science company called the Agency, players will assist in a Universal Research Project that will allow them to access the power of stickers. Using various stickers they might have to hand, or any that they go out to pick up, players will progress through the game’s narrative.

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As a solo tabletop RPG, The Sticker Game is intended for a single player to listen to the audio tracks provided and imagine that the stickers they’re using are opening up entire portals to other realities. Similarly to the likes of films such as Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, in which characters crossover into alternate realities, The Sticker Game has players stepping into other worlds via their collection of stickers, making new discoveries and opening up the game’s story.

Featuring the kind of comedy and wit found in the aforementioned Portal 2 and The Stanely Parable, the sci-fi roleplaying game will explore the themes of science fiction and humour, as well as loss, regret and acceptance, with some moments of the title requiring players to make some difficult choices.

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Update: This article previously stated that Cassi Mothwin contributed to certain TRPG titles that they did not work on. This has since been corrected.

The Sticker Game was created by Cassi Mothwin, who has already created tabletop roleplaying games such as Crooked Roots - which explores horror encounters in D&D 5E - and a GM-less RPG called Clean Spirit.

A digital version of The Sticker Game will launch on Cassi Mothwin’s page on November 30th at a price of $6.99 (£6).

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