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Taverns of Tiefenthal is getting its first expansion later this year

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Taverns of Tiefenthal: Zimmer Frei! artwork 3 (not final)
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Fantastical hospitality board game The Taverns of Tiefenthal will soon be seeing its very first expansion.

According to BoardGameGeek, the upcoming board game expansion is called Die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal: Zimmer Frei! - which roughly translates to ‘Vacancies Available!’ The expansion itself will introduce four additional modules to the base game, thereby enabling players to alter the difficulty and mechanics involved in each playthrough.

Zimmer Frei! will provide players with the option to add a wine cellar and/or guest room to their tavern, allowing them to offer more hospitality services to their various patrons. The expansion also comes with two new characters: the innkeeper and the mayor. Whilst the innkeeper enables players to gain access to certain skills that might alter their strategy, the mayor rewards players who help them to develop their town into a better tourist spot.

The Taverns of Tiefenthal is a board game for two to four people that tasks players with the challenge of attracting the wealthiest patrons possible into their establishments. Players begin the game with a fairly basic layout for their taverns, but throughout the game they will be able to expand their buildings - as long as they are able to lure bigger spenders through their tavern doors.

Once players have gathered enough money to start investing in their establishments, they could start seeing well-to-do nobles frequent their tables, but they’ll have to ensure that their regular customers aren’t left wanting.

The Taverns of Tiefenthal received the award for Best Complex Game at the American Tabletop Awards last year, as well as being nominated for various other accolades in 2020.

Wolfgang Warsch is the designer behind The The Taverns of Tiefenthal and its upcoming expansion, as well as several other popular titles including co-op card game The Mind, The Quacks of Quedlinburg - one of Lolies’ favourite tabletop games - and roll-and-write game Ganz Schön Clever, aka That’s Pretty Clever!

The Taverns of Tiefenthal: Zimmer Frei! is currently set to be released later this year, with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

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