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The Three Little Wolves turns the fairytale on its head in a competitive house-building card game

Huff and puff stuff.

The next release from Clank! and Kids on Bikes studio Renegade flips the classic story of Three Little Pigs on its head with a competitive house-building card game.

The Three Little Wolves takes place generations after the familiar fairytale; a family of wolves descended from the huffing and puffing Big Bad Wolf now work as architects under the Big Bad Pig, the city’s ruling landlord.

It’s up to the players’ three wolves to build the tallest building possible without compromising their structural integrity - in case, say, a strong wind might blow the house in.

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Players add floors to one of three different colour-coded houses by laying down cards each turn. They can alternatively take shelter in another player’s house by discarding a card, giving them the chance to score points from another player’s success if their own structure doesn't pass muster.

Each time the Big Bad Pig card is drawn, the tallest house scores. The third time the pig appears, the game ends and the shortest house in each colour is demolished - losing points if there are any unfortunate wolves inside. The family-friendly board game plays in around 20 minutes with two to four players.

The Three Little Wolves was created by designer-artist duo Poki Chen and Smoox Chen, who released a Chinese-English edition of the game last year via POKI Design and Taiwan Boardgame Design.

US publishers Renegade Game Studios and Oni Games have since picked up the game for a new English edition releasing this October, featuring revised artwork from the original creators. The game will cost $21.99.

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