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The Witcher: Old World board game raises over £1.5 million on Kickstarter in less than a day

A monstrous total.

The Witcher: Old World artwork
Image credit: CD Projekt Red, Go On Board

The latest tabletop adaptation of The Witcher video game series has successfully raised over £1.5 million via its Kickstarter campaign.

The Witcher: Old World was initially revealed earlier this year as being an upcoming board game based within the world of the popular video game series, taking place several years before the adventures of Geralt of Rivia. Since launching on Kickstarter yesterday, the campaign for Old World has surpassed its goal of £216,393 and is now currently sitting on a total of £1,663,574 ($2,354,502), with an additional 16 days left until it ends.

A video game board game for two to four players, Old World focuses on a competition between the four rival Witcher schools - the Wolf, Bear, Cat, Griffin and Viper - as players control their own monster slayers. Set during a time in which the Witcher schools were still at their peak, Old World enables players to bring glory to their school of choice by taking on contracts, seeking wealth and facing off against their rivals in combat.

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Depending on which Witcher school players choose, their character will have access to a unique ability. For example, Griffin Witchers are accomplished magic users, whereas Witchers from the Wolf school are excellent swords-people. Alongside their unique ability, players will also get their own deck of cards catered to their Witcher school’s preferences. The cards in Old World enable players to perform attacks, dodges, blocks and Signs - or spells. As players progress through the game, they’ll be able to grow their decks and increase their combat options, eventually allowing them to pull off powerful combos.

Besides their decks, players can improve their Witchers by embarking on training, thereby gaining new skills to use against the hordes of monsters and other Witchers. Each type of beast has its own set of unique abilities that players will need to overcome to defeat them - gaining trophies if they succeed. Whichever player acquires the necessary amount of trophies first is named the game’s winner.

The Witcher: Old World was designed by Łukasz Woźniak, co-founder of the game’s co-publisher Go On Board and creator of the Viking themed title, Valhalla, and the asymmetric fantasy board game King and Assassins, which has two players attempting to outwit each other as either a tyrannical king or a band of killers.

The Witcher: Old World layout image
Image credit: CD Projekt Red, Go On Board

CD Projekt Red is co-publishing The Witcher: Old World alongside Go On Board and is best known for releasing the video game series the board game is based on, as well as Cyberpunk 2077 - a video game adaptation on the classic sci-fi roleplaying game.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Witcher: Old World is live until June 11th, with a pledge of €70 (£61) getting backers a copy of the core game that’s set to be released in June 2022.

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