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This War of Mine: The Board Game creators donate all revenue from remaining Kickstarter copies to support Ukraine

Money from core game and expansions pledged to Ukrainian Red Cross and Rakiety Oncological Foundation.

The creators of This War of Mine: The Board Game have put all remaining copies from the game’s Kickstarter on sale in order to fundraise for charities working in Ukraine.

Polish studio Awaken Realms adapted the 2017 board game from developer 11 Bit Studios’ video game about survivors in a war-torn city, inspired by the Siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. Both games have been acclaimed for their sobering depiction of the realities of war and the brutal conditions experienced by everyday civilians living through conflict.

“This War of Mine (both digital and board game) is a very special game,” Awaken Realms said in a post on Gamefound. “It shows the true horror of war and working on it, we have looked over countless documentaries, books and journals about war. Seeing all those events play out to our neighbor is just soul crushing.”

The publisher announced it would sell all This War of Mine: The Board Game stock left from its Kickstarter campaign and donate the revenue - specified as not including taxes or shipping costs - to two charities supporting those affected by Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

The first charity is the Rakiety Oncological Foundation, a Polish organisation that is currently working to transport cancer patients out of the country to Poland. The second is the Ukrainian Red Cross, which has helped evacuate tens of thousands of civilians from Ukraine and donated tons of vital supplies, as well as providing direct aid and training to those remaining in the country.

The sale includes This War of Mine: The Board Game’s base game - without the stretch goals added during its Kickstarter - as well as its Memories from the Past expansion, custom rubble dice (which replace the six-sided dice in the original box with asymmetrical dice modelled after chunks of rubble) and Survivor art book. The game and its add-ons are available in multiple languages and limited quantities; at the time of writing, the English-language items appear to have completely sold out.

The fundraising effort follows 11 Bit Studios’ own pledge to donate all proceeds from This War of Mine’s digital release and its DLC to the Ukrainian Red Cross for seven days. On March 4th, the developer announced the initiative had raised $850,000 for the charity.

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