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The next Ticket to Ride game is a cute 3D puzzle about switching tracks

Logical locomotives.

Train game series Ticket to Ride is branching out into a new 3D puzzler that challenges players to carefully connect colourful carriages.

Unlike the competitive multiplayer route-building of the mainline (or should that be trainline?) Ticket to Ride titles, Ticket to Ride: Track Switcher is a single-player puzzle game created in collaboration between series publisher Days of Wonder and Mixlore, the label behind the Logiquest range of 3D brainteasers. Track Switcher bears the Logiquest logo and similarly features a set of dinky plastic components for players to use while solving various puzzles.

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In the case of Track Switcher, players must slide their train engine around slotted tracks in the board, collecting and connecting multicoloured carriages in a specific order to solve each of 40 puzzles.

Going by the contents of the box - which can all be stored in a neat little slide-out tray - later puzzles may add multiple locomotives and up to five wagons, as well as the complication of broken tracks, to up the difficulty.

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Completing the puzzle correctly is only one part of the challenge. Players must track the number of moves they take on a dial, aiming to use as few turns as possible to solve the scenario and earn the most stars. (Meaning the train can leave on time.)

You can get a first look at the upcoming board game in its teaser trailer above, which features some charming CGI trains and synth trumpets.

Ticket to Ride: Track Switcher will be released this October priced at $25/24,99€.

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