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Tiny Epic Galaxies board game series investigates detective noir in newest entry

Small-time crime.

The Tiny Epic Galaxies series is now leading an investigation into the detective noir genre with its latest entry.

It was announced that Tiny Epic Crimes would be the next release in the Tiny Epic series, which includes the aforementioned Tiny Epic Galaxies, as well as Tiny Epic Pirates and Tiny Epic Vikings. The upcoming board game will transport the series to the crime-ridden streets of Echo Ridge City, a place that has been long troubled by various illegal activities. As members of the city’s detective force, the players will be attempting to solve a number of vicious murders that have been committed across the city streets. Time is of the essence, with players being rewarded for solving as many crimes as they can in the shortest amount of time.

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Throughout the game, players will be either working together to crack cases in a co-op game mode or potentially competing with each other to solve murders the fastest in a competitive mode. Players will be racing across Echo Ridge City in order to collect the evidence they need to crack the various murder cases: from murder weapons, to forensics to a getaway vehicle. Using the Tiny Epic decoder system, players will be able to sort through the evidence they have for each murder in order to narrow down the potential suspects and uncover the real culprit behind the crime.

However, players will need to make sure they’re able to juggle multiple crimes at once, as various other illegal activities will be committed throughout Echo Ridge City as they’re sorting through evidence and choosing a culprit. By resolving these random events, players will be able to acquire useful information and items such as alibis and Force Cards that they can use to further their cases. Nevertheless, the clock is still ticking and players will need to use their time wisely if they want to solve their cases. By the final hour, players will need to guess who they think the murderer is and put their careers on the line.

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Tiny Epic Crimes was designed by Scott Almes, the creator behind the Tiny Epic series – including Tiny Epic Galaxies – as well as the asymmetric two-player board game So, You’ve Been Eaten that was released earlier this year.

Gamelyn Games is the studio responsible for publishing Tiny Epic Crimes, with the company having also previously released all the other entries in the Tiny Epic series.

A Kickstarter campaign for Tiny Epic Crimes is set to be launched sometime soon, with pledge amounts yet to be confirmed.

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