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Clash as rival Westeros houses in Tiny Epic Game of Thrones

Big Baratheons and Littlefingers.

The front cover of Tiny Epic Game of Thrones.
Image credit: The Op, Gamelyn Games

Fight for control of the Iron Throne in this Game of Thrones-themed entry in the Tiny Epic series of board games.

Tiny Epic Game of Thrones is an upcoming board game in the Tiny Epic Series which has players competing for control of various different areas or aspects, depending on the specific entry. The series usually sees players rolling dice in order to perform various actions, with the different symbols on the dice denoting the potential actions the player can do. As a player’s chosen entity gets stronger the player will gain more dice to roll.

Up until now, the series has stuck to original themes for its entries - with Tiny Epic Game of Thrones marking the first time the series has featured a game based on an existing franchise.

Game of Thrones is a fantasy television series that first aired in 2011 and ran for a total of eight seasons before finishing in 2019. The series is based on the novels written by George R R Martin and centres around the political machinations of a collection of Houses based within a fictional fantasy world. The series features a cast of characters - played by actors such as Emilia Clarke, Sean Bean, Jason Momoa and Lena Headey - who each have allegiances to certain political Houses on and around the continent of Westeros.

A screencap from Game of Thrones.
Image credit: HBO

Throughout the series, various characters either successfully grow their power and take control of more territories, or find themselves at the mercy of their enemies. As well as the dangers of roaming armies and cutthroat socialites, characters in Game of Thrones also have to fear the supernatural: including sorcery, the undead and even dragons.

In Tiny Epic Game of Thrones, one to four players each become leaders of their own Houses from the television series, with the goal of taking control of Westeros’ Iron Throne. As characters from the show, players will have to use their pools of action dice to perform a variety of actions: such as plotting, whispering, marching, sailing and triggering events. Players will also have access to a hand of multi-use cards that will give them even more options to strategise against their opponents.

Across six rounds of play, the players will need to devise and execute their plans all whilst anticipating their opponents’ moves. Whichever player has the most power, influence and control throughout the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros will be named the winner.

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Tiny Epic Game of Thrones was designed by Scott Almes, the creator behind the title that began the Tiny Epic series - Tiny Epic Galaxies - as well as other entries like Tiny Epic Quest and Tiny Epic Kingdoms. Gamelyn Games, the studio responsible for releasing each entry in the Tiny Epic series, will be publishing Tiny Epic Game of Thrones alongside The Op.

The release date for Tiny Epic Game of Thrones is set for Q3 of this year.

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