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Tiny Epic Galaxies’ series takes a trip to the North Sea Vikings in its next entry

Feud over fjords.

The next entry in the same series as Tiny Epic Galaxies transports its players to the North Sea during the era of the Vikings.

An upcoming card game, Tiny Epic Vikings sees one to four players competing against each other to become the most fearsome and successful clan chief. Inspired by the history of the Viking people and their customs, Tiny Epic Vikings takes place across the North Sea islands in which players must navigate the various icy fjords in order to establish settlements, gather food and gain as much glory for the Norse gods as possible.

A quick card game with set collection and area control elements – wherein players must collect certain matching sets of cards and take control of areas of the game board or of cards – Tiny Epic Vikings has players leading their own clan over three separate eras, with the goal of acquiring as much land as they can.

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Throughout the game, players will be playing cards from their hand in order to choose various leaders, with those leaders having the best builders/harvesters/explorers/warriors available. With their newly played card, players can then set about claiming different islands, going to war with other clans and gaining influence by constructing temples or boats. Players who acquire the most glory for their clan by the end of the three eras is named the winner.

Tiny Epic Vikings was created by Scott Almes, the designer behind the Tiny Epic series – including Tiny Epic Quest and Tiny Epic Kingdoms – and the solo board game Warp’s Edge, as well as the upcoming sci-fi themed tabletop title So, You’ve Been Eaten.

Gamelyn Games is the studio responsible for releasing Tiny Epic Vikings, alongside all the previous entries in the series and other Scott Almes games such as the miniatures board game Heroes of Land, Air & Sea.

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Tiny Epic Galaxies is a card game for one to five players taking place in a far future of spaceship battles. As the ruler of their own galactic empires, players attempt to establish their influence over various contesting planets by rolling pools of dice and using the actions they represent. Players can choose to dominate with their fleets of spaceships, their culture, their politics or economic power, with the aim of eventually controlling a collection of different planets in the galaxy.

The Kickstarter campaign for Tiny Epic Vikings is set to be launched on May 10th, with pledge amounts yet to be confirmed.

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