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Mausritter’s community created a 250-room megadungeon for the mouse-and-magic RPG

Tomb of a Thousand Doors combines an entire game jam into a sprawling, deadly dungeon crawl.

Tomb of a Thousand Doors Mausritter megadungeon art with sword-wielding mice
Image credit: Mana Dawn Tabletop Games

Tabletop RPGs in the vein of Cairn, Into the Odd and Mausritter live and die on their dungeon crawls in the same way ice cream needs flavour - the rules give it all form but folks show up for those sweet, sweet gridded rooms and encounter tables.

Mausritter’s community understands this and have pooled game jam submissions from over 40 different creators and stitched them all together into a megadungeon book called Tomb of a Thousand Doors. Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the collaborative project has already produced a digital PDF version available on

Tabletop publisher Bernpyle Press Creative Collective has teamed with the Mausritter Third-party Community, Plus One Exp and members of the Mausritter Discord to create a physical edition full of new art, professional layout and production qualities befitting a space on your RPG book shelf. If you’ve never played Mausritter, this rules-light tabletop RPG mixes Into the Odd-style systems with a world inhabited by mouse adventurers whose classes are defined solely by the equipment they carry into the perilous wilds surrounding their homes.

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Tomb of a Thousand Doors links together 30 unique dungeons into an experience that the creators claim could keep an adventuring party busy around the table for hundreds of hours. The tomb of a former mouse king who secreted all of his riches within endless trapped corridors is now the site of plunder and conflict amongst four major factions. Now boasting 188 pages of standardised maps, tables, and artwork, Tomb of a Thousand Doors reformats a community’s joint effort into a cohesive experience.

The book will contain 38 keyed locations amongst its 250 interconnected rooms, including over 100 hexes located in either underground sections or, er… “pocket dimensions”. The party will have to contend with four rival parties haunting the corridors, as well as parlaying with five rival factions who all see grand wealth or influence in controlling the mad king’s tomb.

The Kickstarter campaign for Tomb of Thousand Doors will run through February 3rd and offers both a physical and digital edition of the final version. Shipping to backers is expected to begin in January 2025, while the PDF will be sent to backers in June of this year.

Tomb of a Thousand Doors Mausritter megadungeon book on yellow background
Image credit: Mana Dawn Tabletop Games

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