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Tranquillity, a card game like The Mind but with sailing, is coming to retail this month

Sail the sea in silence.

Set sail for paradise in a ship filled with silence in Tranquillity, an upcoming card game that’s set to hit retail later this month.

Tranquillity is a co-op game for one to five players that takes place in a sea filled with numerous different islands. The players assume the role of a crew who are sailing a ship - called the Tranquillity - that’s floating atop this sea, with the goal being to reach a little island paradise to claim as their own. However, though the skies are bright during the day, things can get a little darker as night falls and finding their way might be more difficult for the players then.

In a similar fashion to the popular card game The Mind, Tranquillity challenges players to work together to make the right decisions without being able to converse with one another. In order to win the game players need to fill a six by six grid with island cards, with the first being a start card and the last a finish card. Island cards will need to be played in a certain order, with the cards in the grid needing to ascend in numerical order from the bottom left to the top right, but players cannot speak to coordinate their play.

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On their turn, players can perform one of two potential actions, either play a card or discard two of the cards in their hand before drawing back up to five cards. Should a player want to place a card in the grid, they’ll need to discard a number of cards from their hand equal to the difference between the previous card in the sequence and the one they want to play. Players lose the game if the current person cannot play or discard cards to draw up to five.

Tranquillity was created by James Emmerson, who also designed the solo game Lilypads - a card game that sees the player attempting to complete as many objectives as they can before the end of the game - and the sequel to Tranquillity called The Ascent, which takes place on a mountainside.

Tranquillity cards

Board Game Hub originally published Tranquillity after a successful Kickstarter campaign in December 2019. After being delayed from it’s initial retail release date of August 2021, Tranquillity is now set to be released by studios such as Lucky Duck Games, the company responsible for titles such as detective board game Chronicles of Crime, this month.

Tranquillity will be available from retail stores on October 27th at a price of €12.99 (£11/$15).

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