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Transformers are driving, flying and jumping into a new tabletop RPG

This isn’t a Decepticon.

An upcoming roleplaying game based on the beloved Transformers television series and toy line is coming from the publisher behind Kids on Bikes - Renegade Game Studios.

Inspired by the classic animated TV show from the 1980s, which had an incredibly popular toy line released alongside it, the Transformers Roleplaying Game will enable players to immerse themselves in the world of the Autobots and the Decepticons. In the RPG players can create their own Autobot Transformer and have them join Optimus Prime in the fight against the dreaded Megatron and his cronies.

Character creation options will include choosing between aspects such as the various tools, weapons, equipment and vehicles that their Autobot will have access to, whether that’s part of their robotic make-up or if it’s something extra that they are able to use. Once created, the players’ characters will become embroiled in all manner of plotlines - whether they’re defending humanity against the Decepticons, looking for the rare resource Energon or even protecting their fellow Cybertronians.

Transformers RPG core rulebook 2

The games master will be able to run an introductory adventure for their 1st-level players called A Beacon of Hope, before going on to create their own campaigns using the core rulebook, which will contain information on how to play the game as well as details around secret bases, villain dossiers, combat and exploration.

Apart from the Transformers Roleplaying Game and Kids on Bikes, Renegade is also responsible for publishing the sci-fi RPG Overlight and the wizardry-themed spin-off title Kids on Brooms, as well as several board games such as Clank! and Raiders of the North Sea.

Earlier this week it was announced that Renegade would be releasing an RPG based on another classic toy line, G.I. Joe. The G.I. Joe roleplaying game will allow players to create their very own Joe and become part of the action organisation made famous by both the toy line and the animated series that accompanied it.

Renegade also revealed that the G.I. Joe RPG and the previously announced Power Rangers roleplaying game would both be using the Essence20 RPG system, rather than the D&D 5E system that the Power Rangers RPG was originally attached to. The Essence20 system has players rolling a single d20 and a second die - ranging from a d2 to another d20 - in order to overcome various obstacles. It was also confirmed that the Transformers Roleplaying Game would be using the Essence20 system.

The Transformers Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook is set to be released in March 2022 at a retail price of $55 (£39).

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