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Trudvang RPG book Seed of Vanirs unlocks the history of the elves

Venture into Valkalainen.

Discover secrets behind the mysterious elven people in Trudvang: Seed of Vanirs, an upcoming RPG book set in the world of Nordic and Celtic mythology.

Elves are some of the longest living creatures in the world of Trudvang, a fantasy roleplaying game featuring a variety of different species such as the Vanir. The new sourcebook, Seed of Vanirs seeks to provide players with previously unknown knowledge about the elves - tales around their arrival to Trudvang and why they came to call the land their home. Some stories say that the elves fell to the ground from the heavens, whilst others suggest that the elves are naturally nomadic people who seek to reduce the harm they do to the land by never building on top of it.

Seed of Vanirs looks to unveil some of the mysteries behind the elven species in the Trudvang roleplaying game, including several key locations such as Inakka - an enormous waterfall - the oldest tree in history, Ygghanna, and the realm of Valkalainen, otherwise known as the Gate to the Stars. The RPG book will also contain information on the nature of the secretive Korpikalli and how they came to abandon their gods.

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Launching alongside the sourcebook is an adventure campaign called The Elven Road, that sees three to four advanced players travel across the lands of the elves in order to listen to and sing the stories of its people. Players will have to be wary of creatures who will attempt to trick them, delay them on their journey or even attack them, becoming warriors who will eventually seek a demon whose image will be conjured up by the stories of travellers.

Trudvang Chronicles is a roleplaying game inspired by legends from Norse and Celtic mythologies, with a world populated by gods, shapeshifters, dimwalkers and blótkings. Though combat is part of the RPG, players will be spending a lot of their time interacting with the various cultures and religions featured in Trudvang, with each region having its own set of beliefs and gods to worship.

When in combat, players will use the skills, disciplines and specialities granted to them by their character’s chosen archetype against their enemies. Players can use their combat points to perform various actions in combat, such as attacking or parrying. Alternatively, if a player’s character is more accomplished at spellcraft or prayer, then they can use their points to complete amazing feats by appealing to their chosen deities or powers.

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Riotminds is the studio responsible for Trudvang Chronicles and the Seed of Vanirs sourcebook, alongside several other roleplaying games such as Lex-occultum - an RPG that focuses on secret societies and occultism during the 18th century - classically inspired RPG Ruin Masters and an entirely Swedish-language roleplaying game called Darkar och Demoner.

The Kickstarter campaign for Trudvang: Seed of Vanirs is live until March 5th, with the option to get the sourcebook designed for the Trudvang Chronicles RPG or the Trudvang Adventures 5E system - based on Dungeons & Dragons 5E - alongside a PDF version of The Elven Road for a pledge of SEK450 (£40/$48). The roleplaying sourcebook is estimated to arrive in November.

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