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Blood Rage studio’s ambitious board game Trudvang Legends delayed for “possibly” a year

Due to unsatisfactory gameplay and story.

CMON has delayed the release of its ambitious Nordic and Celtic-inspired adventure board game Trudvang Legends into 2021.

According to an update post from the Zombicide, Blood Rage and Ankh: Gods of Egypt publisher, Trudvang Legends - the upcoming board game based on the Trudvang Chronicles RPG - could be delayed for “possibly” up to a year. (Thanks, Reddit user CanisNebula.)

Originally set to arrive with backers in December, Trudvang Legends will now release later than expected due to its creators being unsatisfied with its current design. In a lengthy post on the game’s Kickstarter page, CMON outlined the reasons for the delay as being a result of gameplay and story aspects not being up to the company’s expectations.

“This delay is happening solely on account of we are not happy with how the actual game was shaping up,” CMON said. “Trudvang could be better and backers deserved better.”

CMON admitted that when it came to the current build of Trudvang Legends “the results didn’t impress us”. The company felt the game wasn’t working due to a lack of “epic feeling” in its story and mechanics that felt “isolated” rather than flowing along with the rest of the game.

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The next year or so will apparently be used to redesign the elements that CMON is unhappy with. Francesco Nepitello and Marco Maggi - both co-designers on War of the Ring: Second Edition - have been brought on to improve the story of Trudvang Legends, changing the narrative structure to make fewer, but longer, chapters.

According to the blog post, Jordy Adan - creator of Cartographers - has since stepped into the role of lead developer on the project to ensure that the game’s narrative is better meshed with its gameplay.

Trudvang Legends is an adventure board game that sees players become heroes in search of their next great quest. Based on the world of Trudvang Chronicles - where Norse and Celtic myths shape the land - the game for one to four players has players pursuing a narrative spread across the campaign books provided. As the players perform certain actions and achieve great deeds, the universe is altered around them and the next generation of adventurers will have a different experience as a result.

The design team behind Trudvang Legends includes Fel Barros - co-designer on The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch and video game board game God of War: The Card Game - Fabio Tola, Guilherme Goulart and Eric Lang, who tweeted that he remained involved with the game despite departing CMON earlier this year.

The Kickstarter campaign for Trudvang Legends raised $1,492,714 after launching in July 2018, with backers paying at least $100 (£78) for a copy of the core game.

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