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Tsuro’s Luxury Limited Edition costs $350, includes stone tiles, bamboo rules scroll and a gold dragon statue

Paths paved with gold.

Path-making board game Tsuro is getting a premium edition that will ring in at a pricey $350.

Tsuro’s Luxury Limited Edition upgrades the 35 cardboard tiles of the original game to textured stone tiles carved with the criss-crossing paths that players connect to weave their way across the board. Like mobile game classic Snake, if a player’s piece is forced to follow a path to the edge of the board or collides with another player’s piece, they are eliminated.

If the stone tiles weren’t fancy enough, they’ll be kept in an embroidered satin bag. Players pull a tile from the bag each turn before placing it ahead of their piece’s current square and moving along its connected route. If the tile extends the path of another player’s piece, they must also move to the end of the line - even if that means being eliminated.

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As well as the standard tiles, Tsuro’s dragon tile - used with three or more players to represent the first person to draw from the exhausted deck of tiles - gets a premium makeover in the Luxury Limited Edition, replaced by a gold statuette.

It’s joined by a set of metal pawns - each with a distinctive shape, including a dragon and phoenix, inspired by the game’s mythological theme - that replace the multicoloured markers used to track players’ positions in the original.

The flashy set of components comes stored in a fittingly ostentatious numbered wooden box complete with what publisher Calliope Games describes as “vintage finishes”. Even the tile-laying game’s slim rulebook gets a revamp, being printed on a bamboo scroll.

Tsuro: Luxury Limited Edition board game statues
An exclusive look at two of the pieces in Tsuro: Luxury Limited Edition. | Image credit: Justin Ables (@TabletopJables)

Unsurprisingly, this extravagance comes at an eye-watering cost: namely, $350. For the sake of comparison, that’s almost 10 times the original Tsuro’s $40 price tag.

According to Calliope, the Luxury Limited Edition of Tsuro has been in the works for more than eight years, and only a single print run will ever be released. The publisher’s sign-up page says that the set is “coming soon”, with an exact release date to be confirmed.

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