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Ultimate Werewolf Extreme adds new roles and QR codes to the social deduction game

Plus revised artwork.

A new edition of social deduction game Werewolf featuring never-before-seen roles, scannable QR codes and a smattering of extra adjectives is live on Kickstarter.

Ultimate Werewolf Extreme is the latest in a line of releases based on the classic party game. This new edition introduces a selection of bonus roles not found in previous versions of the game - such as the time bandit, beholder and big bad wolf - along with fresh artwork by Simon Aan and Christine Mitzuk. The artwork for Ultimate Werewolf Extreme is said by publisher Bezier Games to better embody the game’s 17th-century setting, as well as including a more diverse collection of races, genders and cultures.

In addition to the new visuals, role cards in Ultimate Werewolf Extreme now use a variety of different symbols to convey information about each role. For example, the paranormal detective card’s background displays a village - indicating which team the role is on - and features a single crescent moon to communicate how many times the player with the role will wake up during the night phase.

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As an app-assisted game, Ultimate Werewolf Extreme will release alongside a moderator companion app developed by the creator of the game - and co-designer of One Night Ultimate Werewolf - Ted Alspach. Every card has a micro QR code on the back, which will automatically assign the relevant role to the associated player when scanned, thereby giving the moderator all the information they need at the start of the game.

Ultimate Werewolf Extreme is a hidden-role game that supports up to 25 players. The game sees players attempting to survive long enough to either oust the monsters in their midst, take over the entire village or fulfill some other criteria. Players can be on multiple teams or a lone wolf depending on their role. The game’s action centres on deflecting suspicion and accusing others, with the group having to eliminate one of their party before the start of each night.

Ultimate Werewolf Extreme board game artwork

As well as Ultimate Werewolf Extreme, Bézier is responsible for releasing the entire Ultimate Werewolf and One Night Ultimate series, which includes One Night Ultimate Vampire and One Night Ultimate Alien.

The Kickstarter for Ultimate Werewolf Extreme is live until September 4th, with a pledge of $69 (£53) getting a copy of the collector’s edition. The game is expected to arrive with backers in June 2021, ahead of a planned retail release.

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